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Featured posts

Prototypes from the FlowerMatter project

Delivering the practical solutions needed to adapt to climate impacts – Bio-based materials could move us beyond plastic 

By processing lignin, cellulose, and other plant matter into new bio-materials, research is opening paths to sustainable alternatives.

Musta aukko

Joni Tammi: Mustat aukot - avaruuden ikuiset mysteerit

Mustat aukot ovat siinä mielessä kiitollisia tutkimuskohteita, että niistä ei ehkä koskaan pystytä tietämään kaikkea.

With new solution-based recycling processes, more raw materials can be recovered from batteries. In the picture, a red cobalt salt and a blue-green nickel salt have been obtained from a battery cell. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya / Aalto University.

Accelerating the global energy transition: Clean energy demands socially just policies

Policy, technology, and practice must be aligned to accomplish the shift to clean energy, say Aalto's experts.

Emma-Riikka Myllymäki

Emma-Riikka Myllymäki: Why company reporting needs to be excellent

By producing high-quality reports on their business and sustainability impacts, companies build trust and aid stakeholder decision-making.

Salad growing in the wooden greenhouse developed by Pasi Herranen from Aalto University

We could feed ten billion people – research offers paths past the climate crisis 

Carbon emissions often dominate discussions about our environment, but feeding our growing population creates broader environmental problems

Description of Beat2Phone

Etämonitorointia ja huolenpitoa - Risto Soila

Virtuaalinen hoidonohjaamo ja Beat2Phone ECG - palvelu tarjoavat reaaliaikaista dataa sydämestä sekä käyttäjälleen että lääkärille.

Aika stage at the Suomi Areena event in Pori in 2017.

Advancing climate actions in the places we live: Designing cities to store carbon 

Simple changes in urban planning can reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon storage, offering tools to help meet emissions targets.


Introvert's guide to networking

Networking is a concept that gets a bad rap, and for a good reason.

Aurélien Nioche

Creating the perfect teacher: How a cumbersome start with Japanese led to a better self-teaching app

Aurélien Nioche describes his recent work on a model that predicts learning outcomes days into the future

Graduation party

Kyunghyun Cho: It’s time to give back to Aalto community

Aalto University has given me so much, both for my career and life in general. This is a chance for me to give back.

Blog posts

A picture of Aalto University's Undergraduate Center

How is it to study in Aalto?

How are courses organised and what is it like to study here? How has Covid-19 affected the study experience?

Two guys working together

4 Ways To Successfully Onboard Into A New Role post-graduation

Well, done! You have graduated, and landed a job. What are the next steps you can take to make your transition to the company smooth?

A public transport stop outside a shopping center

Why can’t companies and governments meet sustainability goals – and what can be done?

Antiquated business models and ambiguous policies hinder efforts towards sustainable development.

Timo Viherkenttä

Yksi, kaksi, monta verottajaa

Suomalaisille on tarjolla kaksi uutta verottajaa: hyvinvointialueet ja Euroopan unioni. Hyvä vai huono?

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing Blue

Hurja itsemyötätunto käytännössä

Miksi itsemyötätunto on erityisen tärkeää yliopiston kaltaisissa yhteisöissä?

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing Blue

Fierce Self-compassion in Action

Why is self-compassion especially important in places like universities?

Career Design Lab -piirroskuva

Kirsi LaPointe: Becoming a transcender

Self-transcendence is a question of the values you steer your life and career by.

Wheel of wellness, hyvinvoinnin pyörä (Meyers, Jane and Sweeney, Todd, 2004)

Radikaali hyvinvointi on välttämättömyys

Radikaalissa hyvinvoinnissa keskeistä on yhteisöllinen näkökulma.

Picture: Wheel of wellness (Meyers, Jane and Sweeney, Todd, 2004)

Radical wellbeing is a necessity

Radical self-care means respecting one’s own unique identity.

Timo Viherkenttä

Onko maksiimin "laajat veropohjat ja matalat verokannat" parasta ennen -päivä jo takana?

Onko erilaisia yhteiskunnallisia tavoitteita syytä toteuttaa veroeduin vai onko "laajat veropohjat ja matalat verokannat" -linja parempi?

Leigh Ewin

A glimpse of A Grid with Leigh Ewin

Leigh Ewin, jack-of-all-trades at A Grid, tells the story of the recently established startup community.

Career Design Lab illustration

Kirsi LaPointe: Making career decisions fast and slow

Career decisions can be difficult but we can make them even worse if we don’t keep our biases in check.


two students working on a laptop. Group of students around a table in the back

More Than the Degree

Blogposts by Aalto Squad student ambassadors. Read all about student life and studies at Aalto University!

Researcher's tools

My Effect

Aalto University's researchers discuss the problems they are passionate about to solve with their work.

Timo Viherkenttä


Blogissa kommentoidaan ilmassa liikkuvia asioita verotuksesta, eläkerahoituksesta, julkisesta taloudesta ja sijoitusmarkkinoista.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

Tools for taking care of your and your community's wellbeing.

Career Design Lab - new perspectives for the future of work

Career Design Lab

Career design offers a fresh perspective to prepare for the future of work and unpredictable career paths.

Professor Risto Ilmoniemi

The Art and Beauty of Getting it Right

Trying to understand the complex world from a small person’s limited perspective, aided by readers’ questions and those of my own, my dream.


Changemakers' corner: what's up in the Aalto startup hub?

Behind Aalto's energetic entrepreneurial community are both student-led activities and the university's own research and innovation hubs.


Yksilöllistä huolenpitoa massatuotannon tehokkuudella.

Silicon wafers

Early Career Researcher Blog

Postgraduate staff and students tell us about their research areas and activities

Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit -podcastia isännöivät tutkija Eero Aalto ja professori Robin Gustafsson Aalto-yliopistosta yhdessä sarjayrittäjä William von der Pahlenin kanssa.

Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit

Tuleeko seuraava Google Suomesta? Voiko alustatyö olla reilua? Tervetuloa kuuntelemaan Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit -podcastia.

Student working at a lab

Lahjoita tulevaisuus - Give for the Future

Lahjoittamalla Aalto-yliopiston tutkimukseen ja opetukseen olet mukana rakentamassa kestävää tulevaisuutta.

Woman holding up an iPad in front of a large Aalto logo.

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