Answers to some frequently asked questions on ourblogs.aalto.fi


How can I start my own blog?

Members of the Aalto community interested in starting a blog can sign-up here.

Only users with Aalto login credentials will have access to create a blog and post content. 

How do I create a blog post?

We have tried to making post creation as simple as possible. You can find instructions here.

Can readers comments on my posts?

Yes. For every new blog post, there is a possibility to enable comments. If you choose to turn on the comment section for a post, the blog owner will get a notification when a comment is submitted. Anonymous comments will need the approval of the blog owner or author to be published. You can find instructions on how to enable comments here.

Helpful links

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Our Blog on Blogging

Learn how to create your own blog and posts on Our blogs through easy instructions!

Aalto logo in 3D in the middle of a field

Sign-up form (external link)

To start a blog on ourblogs.aalto.fi fill out the sign-up form.

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Policy for Our blogs

This policy outlines guidelines for the use of ourblogs.aalto.fi

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