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Career Design Lab - new perspectives for the future of work

The transformation of work will have a profound impact on career tracks and opportunities over the coming years. Career design thinking offers a fresh perspective to prepare for the future of work and unpredictable career paths.

The authors of this blog are experts in career design thinking. They provide insights on how the work is changing now and in the future, and how to best prepare oneself to these changes. 



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Career Design Lab

A beautiful career

The pandemic made us reassess our work but there is a new pandemic in town to help chart a new course.

Career Design Lab -piirroskuva

Kirsi LaPointe: One life, many purposes

Although science may never discover the purpose of life, it has discovered the importance of purpose for humans.

Career Design Lab

Kirsi LaPointe: If your career was a cake, what would be the recipe?

Narratives provide recipes for careers, but we rarely consider whether the cake is worth eating.

Career Design Lab- Lifewide learning

Kirsi LaPointe: Why career design is not a fad

Career design has emerged as an alternative new paradigm to better meet the needs of the changing career realities.

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