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The transformation of work will have a profound impact on career tracks and opportunities over the coming years. Career design thinking offers a fresh perspective to prepare for the future of work and unpredictable career paths.

The authors of this blog are experts in career design thinking. They provide insights on how the work is changing now and in the future, and how to best prepare oneself to these changes. 



Blog posts

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Making a difference with your difference

Staying true to yourself is one way to drive your career and quietly resist the dominant culture and persistent inequalities.

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Strengths as a pathway to meaning & wellbeing

Skills and competencies are a key component of your CV but a sustainable career needs to be strengths-based.

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Wantrepreneurs and other dreamers

We often have trouble realizing our career desires but paradoxically, the pressure to be self-directed can make our efforts even harder.

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When identity becomes work

Identity is your compass on the evolving career path, but it needs regular work and the right tools.


The mindful path to meaning

Detaching from thoughts can lighten your mind about work but also strengthen its meaning

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How to make a difference through work?

Choosing the right problem to work on is the most important decision when considering your impact.

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Take time to explore your career opportunities

If you are not sure about what you want to do, it’s ok to take some time to figure it out.

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Radical career creativity

Cultivating creativity is key to adaptability and meaning amidst uncertainty

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Becoming a transcender

Self-transcendence is a question of the values you steer your life and career by.

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Making career decisions fast and slow

Career decisions can be difficult but we can make them even worse if we don’t keep our biases in check.

Career Design Lab

A beautiful career

The pandemic made us reassess our work but there is a new pandemic in town to help chart a new course.

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One life, many purposes

Although science may never discover the purpose of life, it has discovered the importance of purpose for humans.

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