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A collection on maps

#30DayMapChallenge: 30 days – 30 maps

Make the map speak for you!


Länsi-Antarktis on mannerjäätiköiden heikko kohta

Läntisen Etelämantereen jäätiköt ovat avainasemassa siinä, kuinka nopeasti merenpinta alkaa nousta ilmaston lämmetessä.

Land consolidation process.

Development of Finnish agricultural parcel structure 2010-2020: a spatial analysis

Hermanni Hentunen analyzes the temporal development of parcel structure in Finland between the years 2010 and 2020.

In cost-benefit analysis, the benefits of the assessed service are compared to the costs associated with the data production and distribution.

What is the value of earth observation data?

With socioeconomic impact assessment it is possible to specify and quantify the impact that earth observation data has on our society.

Field work in progress

Why are field and laboratory measurements important in remote sensing?

Reliable interpretation of remote sensing data is highly dependent on reference measurements made in the field and in the lab.

tree stems

A closer look at tree stems

Understanding the spectral behavior of bark might be surprisingly useful in remote sensing and other fields of research.

map of world peatlands

Growth of the Peatlands

The restoration of drained peatlands is an efficient way of climate change mitigation. Satellite data enable restoration monitoring.

Creating a checklist for a field work campaign

What’s there to consider when planning for a field campaign?

Kuusimetsä Tshekissä

Kuusen neulaset heijastavat valoa samalla tavalla eri puolilla Eurooppaa

Tutkimus näytti ensimmäistä kertaa, että terveiden metsäkuusen neulasten spektriset ominaisuudet ovat samanlaisia eri puolilla Eurooppaa.

 Melting Ice Photo by Koen Swiers from Pexels

Vaikka Grönlanti sulaa, se ei nosta merenpintaa Suomessa

Grönlannin mannerjäätikön sulaminen nostaa valtamerien pintaa. Sulamisen seuraukset kuitenkin käytännössä kumoavat vaikutukset Suomessa.

Berries and spectra

True colors of berries

Optical remote sensing data may provide new approaches for mapping berry-bearing species in forests.

Earth and satellite. Attribution: ESA–J. Huart, CC BY-SA IGO 3.0.

Monitoring our planet from above: exciting and versatile study and career paths

Are you interested in how our planet is changing and looking for what to study at university? Earth observation might be for you!

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