It is time to be together

Getting together now feels especially important. The war in Ukraine has changed the way we see Europe and ourselves — our role in the community.

Aalto Wellbeing Ambassadors at CamousOmstart! 9.3.2022. Picture by Suvi Helko, 2022.

Even before the war, during the past twenty-four months, as people in most organizations, we at Aalto have experienced some degree of fracturing as social connections and cultural cohesion have been strained. 

We have faced challenges like remote work, uncertainty, and the clumsy process of figuring out how to return to the office. And now, we need to consider what a war in Europe means to the University, our community, and ourselves as human beings.

Working to rebuild bonds with others is especially important because we won’t be returning to work and studies as the same person we were before the pandemic. And in international communities such as ours, the stressful and difficult situation makes bonding even more important.

I think it is a good question to ask yourself. Have these last years changed you in any way? And what about what has happened during the last month? Have your beliefs or values changed? The impact is different for each of us, but still, we all have at least one common need - the need to belong to a community.

Oasis of radical wellbeing wants to raise questions of belonging, inclusion, resilience and self care, privileges, power issues and building trust. And, in addition to asking questions, we are also searching for solutions. 

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