How to start your own Aalto blog

How fun that you want to start a blog here at! But how to get this going? It's easier than you might think!

First off, to start your own blog, you need to be a member of the Aalto community, which is basically faculty, staff and students. Second, you need to come up with a name, topic and target audience for your blog. You also need to think about how often new posts will be published at the blog - weekly, monthly or a few times per year.

When you have figured out the details, fill in the blog sign-up form here.

Up-close photo of hands holding an iPad, with the Aalto logo on the wall in the background.

Once your blog has been approved, you become the blog owner, which means that you:

  • are responsible for the blog and its content.
  • can create blog posts and edit all posts belonging to their blog.
  • can request author rights for additional contributors.

Blog authors, on the other hand, can write blog posts and edit their own posts, but they are not in charge of the whole blog. The authors at your blog can be other people from the Aalto community, or they can be visiting bloggers from the outside, which you invite to write about a specific topic in one or several posts.

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