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Instructions for choosing blog images

When picking a blog cover image, and blog post specific images, please consider the following:

  1. Please aim to always use photographs that are well-lit and of high quality. You may also use high quality, professional illustrations.
  2. If you don’t have your own images, you can look for suitable photographs from the Aalto University material bank.
  3. If you are taking photographs yourself, please make sure that the images are well-lit and of high resolution. Consider the placement of the subject/s in the image, and remember that the image will be cropped on the blog site. It’s always good to take multiple pictures from slightly different angles, so that later on you can find the best fit for the site. It is recommended, if you have the option, to commission professional photography or illustrations. Good imagery will help your content shine and will capture the reader’s attention. If you aim to commission photographs or illustrations for your blog, please contact the Brand & creative team in COS for guidance.
  4. When choosing the cover image for your blog, consider how that image will look like on the blog list. For example, if you have people in your image, check that they don’t get cropped in an awkward way in the blog list.
  5. Do not write the name of the blog or use any other type of overlaid text on the blog images. The reason for this is that the blog platform will start to look messy, if everyone creates their own blog visuality with differently placed texts etc. The solution that allows flexibility in choosing images, and that maintains clarity on the blog platform is that everyone uses photographs or illustration without text.

Note: “Tips & tricks” blog with blog writing related advice is an exception. This series should stand out from the other blogs, which is why they have an image with text on a solid colour background.


Advanced tips on using images | Aalto University

Using images is a big part of content creating at In this blog post, we’ll go more into depth regarding what kind of images to use for your content, how to modify the images so that they look good on any device and what to avoid when choosing an image for your page.

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