Enabling comments on your blog post

A common feature on many blogs is the the possibility for readers to comment on a post. This creates a sense of interaction and provides feedback to the author. Learn how to enable comments here on Ourblogs.aalto.fi.

Screenshot of Drupal on how to enable comments on blog post

For every new blog post, there is a possibility to enable comments. To do so, click Comment settings on the right side when you are in editing mode. Two options become visible:

  • Open - comments are enable for this specific post
  • Closed - users cannot post comments

You can always go back and change this setting later by clicking Edit on your blog post.

Publish anonymous comments

If you choose to turn on the comment section for a post, the blog owner will get a notification when a comment is submitted. Anonymous comments will need the approval of the blog owner or author to be published.

Screenshot of how to find comments in Drupal

To find unapproved comments, hover with the mouse over Content in the editor's menu at the top of the browser and then click Comments in the drop down menu that appears. You now see the full list of published comments at the Our blogs platform. Click Unapproved comments to see a list of comments that need the blog owner's or author's approval before publishing. Look for comments that are submitted on your blog post(s).

In the menu Action, you can choose between:

  • Publish comment, for comments that you approve of
  • Delete comment, for comments that you don't want to display on your blog post

Once you have chosen your action, click Apply to selected items to either publish or permanently delete the items that you ticked in the list. You can also delete comments that are already published.

Screenshot of Drupal, how to delete a comment

Learn more about reviewing comments in accordance with the Aalto Code of Conduct at the Policy for Our blogs.

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