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Some useful mobile apps that the international students can utilize to navigate the new journey in Aalto and in Finland

When you are going to study at a new country, the digital landscape might be totally different. It is reasonable to check out something that could help you make better preparation. Here are some useful mobile apps and digital tools that the international students can utilize to navigate the new journey in Aalto University and Finland. 

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Campus life: 

1. Frank app 

It is one of the most frequently used apps on my phone. With Frank you can verify your student status via the phone wherever you are. You could also browse some student discount or benefits around that you are entitled to use. Especially when you are buying a student meal, make sense to show it and save money.  


Technically, it is a website that could show you the weekly menu of student restaurants. So that you can get info about what kind of food portfolio they are offering today and also for the following days, as well as checking out the open hours for each restaurant. 

Here is the blog which makes a detailed review of campus’s student restaurants in Otaniemi:

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1. HSL 

It is one of the most useful apps regarding the public transport in Finland. In the HSL app, you will find e.g. single, day and season tickets for bus, train, metro, tram and ferry.  Remember to register the student status and then enjoy the student discount price.  

2. VR Matkalla - train tickets 

For long-distance traffic across cities, the VR Matkalla app is a helpful tool to help you book the ticket of train. Besides, you can see the info on the departure and arrival time of the train, as well as any changes during the journey. 

Digital Payment:

1. MobilePay

The reason that it is recommended to use the MobilePay for students, is that this app could integrate the Frank card giving access to your student status. So when you make a payment, the MobilePay could take your student status into account and give you student corresponding discount. It makes the payment much more convenient. 


1. Wolt

With this Food deliver app, it is easy to discover and get food, groceries at your home, especially during the pandemic, you might use it more often.  

2. ResQ club

I think it is a great app to order the quality food in a cheap price while you also help to eliminate the food waste from restaurants, cafés, and bakeries. 


1. 112 Suomi

112 Suomi is a mobile app for calling the emergency number and locating callers in the event of an emergency. The biggest benefit of this app is that it makes it quicker to get help to the scene of an emergency: it would tell your live location automatedly and you don’t need to look for the street name. 

Hope that we would never need to use it, but it’s still an ‘in-case’ point to have it on our phone. 

2. Koronavilkku 

Koronavilkku is a contact tracing app produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to help you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus. If you have a coronavirus test and are diagnosed as infected, you can use the app to share this anonymously with those you have been in close contact with. 

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