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Coffee with Squad: A compilation of Useful Links

Hi, this is Saad from Aalto Squad. As part of that we host Coffee with squad sessions with potential applicants and new students to help them out with their amazing journey to Aalto. You can also participate to Coffee with Squad from this link: 

During the chill session we usually share lots of links that may be useful to students. I thought it would be good idea to write a blogpost about compiling those useful links. 

A) Aalto Virtual Tour: 

Want to explore Aalto before you come here or want to know more about the campus. you can now virtually tour the beautiful campus with all its facilities. 

B) Housing: 

First things first when you are newly admitted to you are looking for a roof on your head. There are two housing authorities that you can apply to.  

1 - AYY : 

2 - HOAS : 

There are many different options and varying price ranges but if you want to live on Campus make sure that you select Otaniemi as where you would want to live. Living also come with many additional benefits such as sauna or booking of clubrooms. 

C) Furniture: 

The apartments usually come unfurnished and you can customize your room the way you want. The community at campus is strong to get some good secondhand furniture. 

1 - Aalto Share Tribe: 

2 - Reuse and Rescue: 

3 - Free give away: 

4 - Otaniemi buy/sell: 

D) Activities and Associations: 

At Aalto you can always find something to do. There are more than 200 associations operating within AYY, so the range of activities is huge. There are hobbies from choir singing to climbing and from card games to sailing and the Finnish baseball. you can see the from AYY (Aalto student union) website. 

E) Job Teaser: 

Usually students can work part time along studies and full-time during holidays such as summer break. Aalto has a Job Teaser platform where you can look at all the latest opportunities available and some may be exclusive to Aalto students. 

F) Beginner’s Guide: 

Before start of fall semester tutors usually contact new student. Tutors are people who would be helping you and supporting you in the start. Generally, a guide is shared to all students that is revised every year. These guides contain many links already shared here and much more. 

A sample of previous guide is shared below. 

G) The Community: 

There are two main telegram groups where you can find many people to ask questions or seek help. 

1- Otaniemi :  

2 - Aalto International: 

H) UniBuddy: 

Do you want to chat with Aalto students generally about guidance or something you are not clear about or just a general chitchat then Unibuddy is the perfect platform where students from diverse backgrounds are available to help you out in your path to Aalto. I am also there if you want to talk to me. 

Hope these links help to out on your amazing journey to come. 

Saad Azhar

Building Technology

Aalto study options

Contact email: aaltosquad(at)

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