My Experience from Aalto University’s Mentoring Programme

Every year Aalto university connects eager to learn ambitious students with expert alumni via its mentoring programme. This one on one symbiotic relationship helps students to identify their strengths and better understand how they can polish their skills. Applications for mentoring season are usually open in April-May and you can read more about this programme and application process on the following link:

This mentoring programme has helped me tremendously in developing myself as a person. Through this programme, I was able to identify not only my strengths and weaknesses but also how I can improve myself in ways I never thought were possible. To me this journey was more about self reflection than a set pattern that you must move on. Personally, what I appreciate the most is that the matching process as me and my mentor kicked off immediately. A series of questions that I answered during the application were considered quite well. This year the mentoring programme was held remotely so me and my mentor have not met still but we already have plans for when things will get better.  

Students working together
Picture: Unto Rautio, Aalto University

I followed the themes of this programme and divided my meetings with my mentor into two categories. The first category had external themes that included setting long term and short-term goals, how to market myself, how to make good applications, keep schedules and manage my time and priorities. I noticed that the smallest of tips from my mentor were improving my day to day life. The second category had internal themes focused on framework on life. These deep philosophical conversations on life added to my thinking on how a philosophical approach live can lead to a much fulfilling, satisfied and happy life. In conclusion I would recommend that Aalto student must signup for this great opportunity. The themes depend upon you and mentors are there to guide you through the lens of their experiences.  

This blog post is dedicated to my mentor. 

Saad Azhar
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