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Welcome to Aalto University!

Welcome to start your studies in 2022!

Aalto University is a great place to study. It has a dynamic student body with students from all over the world, and it offers courses in many different fields of study. Whether you want to learn about business or health care, computer science or social sciences, your degree can be tailored to your specific interests. We also have a wide range of student clubs and societies that provide opportunities for interaction outside the classroom environment. So why not start your future career at Aalto University?

Come to Aalto and enjoy your studies, make new friends and learn how to be successful in your future career!

At Aalto we offer an engaging education that enables you to develop your full potential as an individual while building upon your strengths and skills through our unique approach to teaching. We prepare students for work or further study by providing them with research opportunities in both industry and academia as well as hands-on experiences through internships or voluntary work placements. The professors here are highly qualified professionals who care about their students' success!

Aalto has been ranked among the top 20 universities for research (Times Higher Education 2018) and among the top 100 universities according to Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking 2019. Our faculty members are leaders in their fields of study, who continue to make significant contributions to society through their research and teaching activities. They offer courses that are internationally recognized by nature of them being interdisciplinary or cross-border programs with partners from other countries around Europe or Asia Pacific region where there are no tuition fees but only course fees per semester period."

Make lifelong friends

In Aalto University, you will meet many people from all over the world. You'll be able to make lifelong friends with classmates and colleagues from around the globe.

You can also make friends with people of different backgrounds, ages and majors. For example: if you're studying biology but your friend is studying economics or political science—you might find yourself chatting about what's going on in their lives! Or maybe one of you really likes cooking while another prefers sports? If so then there's no reason why those interests shouldn't overlap!

The same applies for personality types too - if one person loves playing video games while another prefers reading fiction books then they're likely going to enjoy each other's company more than some random person who just happens "to share" similar interests with yours."

Be part of a global community of over 150,000 alumni.

Aalto alumni are working all over the world and in every field, from technology to finance to politics. They are happy to help you find your way in life, whether it's finding an internship or starting your own company. If you're looking for other ways to connect with them, check out their Facebook page.

The courses are challenging but also fun and enjoyable. The teachers are passionate about their subject matter and they do everything they can to help you succeed in your studies.

Feel at home from the beginning

The University is a great place to study, live and work. With the help of Aalto University, you can start your career in Finland or internationally.

Reiterating the school's quality, Aalto University is one of the best universities in Finland. It was ranked number 1 university overall by QS World University Rankings 2018/19 with its programmes being awarded 82/100 points for teaching quality and 94/100 points for research quality (QS). In addition, Aalto was ranked number 1 among engineering schools worldwide by THE World Top Universities Ranking 2019 with its programmes received an average score of 91 out of 100 points (THE). In total, Aalto received 1st place out of 125 institutions internationally evaluated on these criteria!

At Aalto University, you can find a friendly and supportive environment. We want you to feel at home here as soon as possible. So what are you waiting for? Come to Aalto University today!

- Areeb, Second year Master's Student in the School of Business

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