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Join the board of a student organization!

Thinking of joining the board of a student organization? Usually with the start of the new academic year or semester there are many opportunities to join student organizations. If you want to be further involved, you can consider becoming a board member. Main requirements are some free time, enthusiasm about the organization and helping other students.

Becoming a board member in a guild/student organization is a great way to utilize your skills. Do you have a passion in graphic design? Your guild might need your expertise to update its website or make eye-catching posters about future events. You can bring new ideas on the table where you can use your unique set of skills. Through the associations, you can practice your hobby, develop your interests and skills. Main aim is to have great fun with your peers in the meantime. Being more actively involved is a way to give back to the student community, help new students make connections and participate in the making of interesting events. Student associations is a big part of what makes student experience so memorable! So, you will take a leading role in shaping those experiences! Most associations hold regular meetings that bring together older and newer members, are a place to discuss, find solutions, brainstorm ideas and strengthen the ties within the group.

Did that already spark your interest? Then go to your favorite student organization’s website, or guild room and/or ask previous members about possibilities to volunteer. They're usually many ways to contribute depending on the association. Examples of roles are; secretary, events’ organizer, communication’s specialist, as well as leadership roles. Tasks are usually delegated to more than one member. For instance, events’ organizer can assign tasks to volunteers before, during and after the event so to make sure that the event runs smoothly and that the place is cleaned afterwards. They can also make reservations or ask for permits if the event needs special permission and propose ideas for future events.

During the past year I have participated in the founding of a new student organization in Aalto called Mental Health Advocacy Association (MHAA) and my current role is director of communications. My main tasks have been to make posts in social media and find out about mental health resources where young people in Finland can turn to when they need support. Last year we have been holding bi-weekly walks where students could come together, have a walk in the nature, get away from study stress and socialize. The picture was from our first winter walk! 

- Ioanna, Second year Master's student in the School of Engineering

Members of Mental Health Advocacy Student Association.
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