More Than the Degree

How Aalto University picked up my sympathies when I was applying for master's studies?

Name of Alvar Aalto

As an architecture student, seeing the name of Alvar Aalto immediately sparked my interest. Alvar Aalto is one of the world’s greatest architects that ever lived. I felt so honored to have an opportunity to study and live in university campus that was designed by Alvar Aalto.

Lovely Aalto Squad

In the meantime, I have joined one of the Coffee with the Squad sessions, where I got to learn a bit more about student life and student experiences. And you know what, it seemed like lots of fun! I loved how Aalto University has such a unique approach to marketing, transparency, and strong community that I haven’t found in any other university (I do not say that it does not exist anywhere else, but I have not run into it).

Fell in love with the campus

Around the time I was applying, Aalto University just have launched our amazing unbelievable Aalto Campus Virtual tour. I literally spend hours exploring the Väre building hallway, my wonderful school of Arts, school of business, campus facilities and laboratories, attractive library, and list goes on! During my visit to Finland, I have also learned that campus is located by the sea, in quiet nature surrounding with hiking trail, but it is still very close to the city.

I had friends there

Although I strongly believe that friends and my partner should not be the main factor in my decision (because everyone should follow their own dream, you know) having friends studying in Aalto gave me firsthand of student life and teaching insights. This way, I could decide which aspects of student life described on Instagram and Aalto websites were accurate and fitting for me. Also, I had the opportunity to visit Finland and our campus and meet people from this friendly community. If you do not have friends here, remember that you always have Squad members to chat with!

Freedom to study whatever I like

Another thing that made Aalto University Master’s program in Architecture stand out is its curriculum and flexibility to shape my study program and study experience according to my interests. There are very few rules I was supposed to follow and very few mandatory courses that I had to take. I saw that there is no pre-made list of courses I was supposed to take. Not only that, I found it astonishing that I could choose courses from other schools and programs (I choose some courses from ARTS and Built environment department).

Unlimited number of hobbies

Last but not least, being a part of Aalto Community means access to more than 200 student associations. As a person whose hobby is to basically have hobbies, Aalto seemed a perfect place to discover new passions and exciting hobbies such as pole dance and sailing (still did not have time to check on horse riding club, choirs and orchestras).

- Milica, Second-year Master's student at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Milica sitting in front of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture
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