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Why I chose Aalto Univeristy's Bachelors program in Design

Second year student Owein explains a few of his many reasons for choosing the BA program in design. 

Sunset outside Väre. Photo by Owein Wilson

Moi! I’m Owein, I’m a second-year student in the bachelor's degree (BA) of design here at Aalto University! Here I will explain a few of my many reasons why I chose the BA program in design. I hope this helps if you are looking at joining our program!

1.     “Finding who you are as a designer” – When looking at other programs around Europe I noticed many followed the same trend of teaching style. However, when reading about the BA program at Aalto I noticed a very emphasis on “finding who you are”. My time at Aalto University has been exactly this, in projects you have practically have free roam on what you want to do and how you achieve this (within the challenge scope). Workshop masters guide you on the best ways to achieve your goals and many feedback sessions guide and help you work on your own personal skills and ambitions!

2.     Workshops – Aalto have some of the best workshops I have seen inside a university. From ceramics, metal, wood, and printing workshops. All workshops are equipped with modern machines and tools for students to use. With this there is a simple “traffic light” system to identify what students can use on their own, with training or only staff operated.

3.     Coupled with the workshops are the workshop masters. Workshop masters are staff who are masters of that workshop. They are incredibly helpful with your work and even can give advice for personal projects. I have learnt so much about working in the workshops I have worked in thanks to the workshop masters and finished projects ahead of time with their ‘tips and tricks’.

4.     Finland. Finland is a beautiful country; I had lived in Finland previously to studying at Aalto University for work and I love it here. It is very peaceful, always one with nature and overall, a very nice place to live.

5.     International community – Aalto campus is very diverse! In the program you will meet people from every corner of the world, it is amazing to have group work and hear other perspectives and thoughts coming from such a wide range of locations. You make so many new friends.

6.     International Reputation – Aalto is well respected around the world and the BA Design program was ranked 6th in the world![1]

Here is the link to the BA Design

How to apply to BA Design

Video to our BA Design

I hope these helped you think about your future studies! Make sure to join our coffee sessions at:

Also, chat to Aalto Squad on Unibuddy. Sign up here!

- Owein 


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