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The most photo worthy spots at Aalto University, in Espoo and Helsinki part 3

We are back with more locations to take conceptual pictures for your Instagram feed! Take a moment to check our shortlisted places that worth to take picture with/in it! Be ready for even more colors, topics, and diversity!

1) Aalto A! Letter

If you are a student at Aalto University, the unique sign of the university should definitely be in your feed! This minimalistic, but gigantic “A” letter can create a conceptual looking picture. We assume, it can be just ideal for graduation pic! One letter, though thousands of memories related to this campus!

Madina posing in front of the A! letter

2) Laajalahden lintutorni

Not so far away from the campus, you can find the charming park called Laajalahti. It’s a terrific spot for birdwatching (look for: Laajalahden lintutorni) and taking a long walk. Check out the photograph Kasia took on a wooden hiking trail. How lovely it is!

Kasia posing on the wooden trail

3) Oodi

Wandering further into the city center, Oodi Helsinki Central Library is a point on your “Must see” list. The extraordinary shape of the building creates an intriguing background for photographs. Don’t forget to check the interior as well! The black staircase inside is worth capturing someone on camera.

Kasia posing in front of Oodi

4) "My Helsinki" sign

My Helsinki sign is continuously being moved to most visited locations in Helsinki. I would say it is a highly distinctive feature of Helsinki and a picture taken with this sign is definitely a must for both tourists and permanently living people in this city.

My Helsinki sign and Madina

5) The building with red ivy

This is a building in Helsinki that was wrapped in ivy. In autumn it becomes fully red and looks gorgeous! These little gems can brighten up your Instagram feed. If you’re out and about to come across an ivy wrapped building, don’t forget to capture a moment! So beautiful and lush, what a dream!

Madina in front of the building

6) Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo

On the way to the next location, you can grab a delightful cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun in the Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo café. This petite coffee shop has a unique décor. You can also purchase coffee beans for later.

Kasia in the cafe

6) Roihuvuori Cherry Park / Roihuvuoren Kirsikkapuisto

In the middle of May, the Roihuvuori Cherry Park located near the Herttoniemi metro station becomes a tourist attraction. Around that time, the cherry trees start to bloom and the whole park starts to shimmer in pink. Remember to pick the time to see around the area wisely as the number of visitors might surprise you.

Kasia in the park
Kasia in the park

8) Keran Hallit

Since spring 2020, Kera-kollektiivi has been actively involved in creating a new hub of urban culture into Keran Hallit which is located in Espoo. Keran Hallit consists of multiple operators among which Kera-kollektiivi represents art, events and music. They brought urban farming and secondhand markets to the area too. Modern art will leave some mixed feelings and thoughts, but the pictures with them going to be colourful & cheerful.

Madina in Keran Hallit
Madina in Keran Hallit

We hope you enjoyed the reading and that now, you feel inspired to start exploring new places in the surrounding!

If you missed our previous post, you can find it here:

You can also look for more inspirations on our Instagram profiles: @muratova_madina and @woydalska.

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Functional Materials

Madina Muratova

Chemical Engineering

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