Changemakers' corner: what's up in the Aalto startup hub?


Behind Aalto's energetic entrepreneurial community are both student-led activities and the university's own research and innovation hubs. Our ecosystem serves as an accelerator and a launchpad for both startups-to-be and people. 

Good research ideas turn into a great business in Aalto's incubators and accelerators; many students find unforeseeable pathways towards trailblazing entrepreneurship. 

Two of the five growth companies that raised the most funding in 2020 were spin-out companies from Aalto's innovation ecosystem. One of them, quantum technology company IQM, is currently on a mission to build Finland's first quantum computer. 

Meanwhile, companies like Wolt and Smartly are founded by entrepreneurs who were once Aalto's Entrepreneurship Society hardcores. 

Probably safe to assume that there's more where that came from – patent applications from the Aalto community have increased fivefold since 2012, and startups founded by Aalto's entrepreneurial ecosystem alumni spring up like mushrooms in an Otaniemi forest. 

This blog series keeps you up-to-date with what's up, what's to come and where to look from in the search of the next mind-boggling thing in the Aalto ecosystem. Welcome!

Blog posts

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