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“All is flux. Nothing stays still. Only change is permanent.” New media festival ÄÄNIAALTO invites you to bend the edges of reality. Connect the tangible with the unreal, natural with transcendental. Let’s make a glitch. “Everything is and is not at the same time.”

This year’s festival edition has a tendency to push the interdisciplinarity that emerges within artworks existing between artistic genres and to explore various forms of performative multimedia and intermedia art. Join us to generate ecotones triggering the fluid dialectic and the interplay between media.

Open call runs from 2-21 May 2023


2023 / 15-16 September & 23-24 September / HELSINKI

Open call 2-21 May 2023

Send your submission with links here by 21st May, 2023

ÄÄNIAALTO is an annual sound oriented new media festival. ÄÄNIAALTO spans into multiple days and venues presenting striking sonic oddities in the form of performances, installations, workshops and open lectures. Festival has become a linking platform between emerging promises in the field and established artists. The aim of ÄÄNIAALTO is to create a fluent network in the sonic new media scene in Helsinki and an open culture accessible to anybody interested in learning and engaging with the new media’s practices. 

ÄÄNIAALTO VIII - ECOTONAL SONICS - calls for interdisciplinary artworks, open lectures and hands-on workshops including topics of robotic instruments, generative systems, DIY instruments, nonlinear narratives in sound performance, live coding, multichannel audio installations, and the intersection between biology and sound among other explorations. Find new ways of connecting to the theme and challenge the concept of a performance. How to blur the line between the artist and the audience? How to use sound as an ecological medium? How to disrupt existing program formats?

ecotone • \EE-kuh-tohn\ • noun. : a transition area between two adjacent ecological communities, where two communities meet and integrate.

ÄÄNIAALTO is a free-of-charge event empowered by the voluntary work of the festival production committee from the DADA ry, Aalto University, University of the Arts Helsinki and University of Lapland.

When & Where
15th & 16th September at Vapaan taiteen tila
23rd & 24th September at Oodi

More information

Visuals: Guus Hoeberechts, Anh Ngo
Sound: Pajuh
Quote: Heraclitus

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