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The most photo worthy spots at Aalto University, in Espoo and Helsinki part 2

We prepared new locations in Helsinki and Espoo, where you can find fancy background and unique architecture that will make your Instagram feed look impressive!  Explore new places, get inspiration from our picture and add more imagination to make them even more distinctive!  

Ainoa metro station

1) Ainoa metro station 

Have you ever stopped and looked for a moment at how the metro station you took to the nearest shopping mall looks like? Metro stations in Helsinki aren’t ugly at all! For example, in the Ainoa station you can find large round white lamps hanging from the ceiling. There is also a long mirror on one of its side what creates the impression of an endless number of lamps. Especially interesting are the photographs taken in the moment the metro leaves – your clothes and hair will be affected by the wind and the moving metro becomes an orange blur in the background.

Kasia posing in the Ainoa metro station
Madina posing in the Ainoa metro station

2) Rikhardinkadun kirjasto / Rikhardinkatu Library 

The Rikhardinkatu Library located at Rikhardinkatu 3 in Helsinki city center is a great spot for both taking vintage shots and studying. This neo-renaissance bibliotheca designed in 1881 was the first public library building in the Nordic countries and it served as the main public library in Helsinki until 1986. The photograph was taken on the main staircase of the library and it’s simply stunning. Take a look! However, you can find many more spots inside, so I encourage you to visit the Rikhardinkatu Library as soon as it opens again. As a tip, the National Library at Unioninkatu 36 and Helsinki University Library at Fabianinkatu 30 could be potentially next destinations on your library photography journey.  

Kasia on the stair case of the Rikhardinkatu Library

3) Esplanade Park 

The popular Esplanade Park, fondly referred to as "Espa" among locals, is the most famous park in Finland and the green heart of Helsinki. People come here to see and be seen, to listen to music and watch performances, and to enjoy picnics. The stage towards the harbor end of the esplanade frequently showcases local talent, from chamber orchestras to salsa dancers - just follow the crowds. Around this park a lot of luxurious shops are located. With the day light you can take magnificent pictures that will make your Instagram feed diverse.  

Madina posing in front of a luxurious shop
Madina posing in front of a luxurious shop

4) Ice-skating rink in Tapiola 

The winter is almost over, but you still have the chance to have some fun and take lively pictures! The ice-skating rink in Tapiola called Tapiola Jääpuutarha located at Tapionaukio 3 welcomes visitors from 2.30 pm until 8.30 pm on weekdays and from 10 am until 6.30 on weekends. Lending of ice-skates costs only 5 Euros and you don’t have to pay anything if you have your own pair. Nearby the ice-skating rink is a light installation on a tree that looks amazing in the evening. For a neon lover like Kasia, it was spot on.  

Kasia ice-skating in the Tapiola ice-skating rink
Location near the ice-skating rink, beautiful tree shining in pink

5) Nuuksio National Park 

Nuuksio National Park is located in southern Finland, and is among the largest national parks in Northern Europe. The park is located about 30 km from the city of Helsinki and can be reached quietly by public transport. Bus 245A leaves from Espoon keskus to Nuuksionpää and Kattila during daytime. You can embrace the nature and feel the real Finnish way of hiking. During wintertime it’s all white and from the pictures you can feel the winter miracle. When it is summer, you can enjoy the warm weather and camping.  

Kasia next to a bonefire in Nuuksio
Madina walking in Nuuksio

6)  Aleksanterinkatu 

Aleksanterinkatu is a street in Kluuvi, the commercial center of Helsinki. On weekends, Aleksanterinkatu transforms into a vibrant pedestrian street. During this time, only trams and emergency vehicles are allowed access onto the street, which creates a safe and accessible environment for the large crowds visiting the area. Aleksanterinkatu remains lively as the numerous shops and restaurants along the street continue to draw visitors. At Christmas time, Aleksanterinkatu is traditionally decorated with elaborate Christmas lights. 

Madina posing at Aleksanterinkatu

7) Löyly and its surrounding  

If you are a sauna lover, I bet you have already visited Löyly, which is one of the most popular public sauna centers in Helsinki. But do you have a photograph from there? Löyly’s interiors are not the only impressive aspect of the building. You can shoot some great photos from the outside too. For instance, when sitting on the stairs or standing next to the barrier.  

Madina posing next to Loyly's wall
Kasia sitting on Loyly's stairs

8) Keilaniemi metro station  

The Keilaniemi station is the first one on Espoo-side of the extension. A work of art consisting of tube lights, designed by artist duo Grönlund & Nisunen, lights up the platform area. The station is very unique because of the design and might be a cool place for photoshoots. 

Madina posing at the Keilaniemi metro station

Thank you for reading and we wish you lots of fun while discovering the area :) 

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