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Do you need some career advice?

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Do you need some career advice? Boost your career with these easy tips from an Aalto Squad member!

  • Attend career fairs

In a week, Studia, the largest further education and career takes place. That’s why, we want you to remind about your development and invite you to visit the fair in a week. Another opportunity is the Aalto Talent Expo, which will most probably take place in January 2021. Job fairs are a great opportunity to network, collect some business cards and learn about the companies. See you there!


  • Sign in on a job portal

One of the best platforms with job announcements offered by Aalto for its community is called JobTeaser. However, what is the most brilliant feature on the webpage for me is the option of booking appointments with personal advisors. For example, you can find there CV, cover letter or LinkedIn guidance. I find it especially useful for international students as the art of mastering a CV vary from country to country. It’s also good to check with an advisor if you didn’t miss an important information. Alternatively, you can participate in a workshop or find an interesting happening in the event tab. In Aalto JobTeaser you can find a broad Career guide, too.


  • Participate in mentoring programmes

If you’re struggling with finding your own strengths or looking for support from a senior expert working in your dream industry Aalto University Mentoring Programme is what you should look into. The application period starts usually in April and closes in May while the program itself begins in September. Also, check Aaltoes. Last academic year, they launched a mentoring program dedicated for entrepreneurial skills development.


  • Get involved with student associations or start your own

What are you genuinely passionate about? Is there something you wish to know more about? Are you missing social skills or maybe are you simply addicted to volunteering? Join a student association. Don’t be afraid to look for organizations outside Aalto!


  • Challenge yourself in a student competition

Participating in a student competition or a hackathon can be very beneficial for your development. Not only, you can get to know new people and win great prizes, but also boost your current knowledge. At Aalto and in the Uusima region, there are many great annual happenings. Have you heard about Junction, Dash, Robot Uprising, or EIT Edu Hackathon? No? Let’s google!


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