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Featured posts


The mindful path to meaning

Detaching from thoughts can lighten your mind about work but also strengthen its meaning

Uskonnot Aallossa 1

Religions in Aalto - building a more inclusive campus

April's EDI discussion session's theme was Religions at Aalto. Read here what the facilitators from AaMu (Aalto Muslims Association) thought

Timo Viherkenttä

Kiinteistövero jengoilleen - nyt!

Kiinteistöveron perusteena olevat verotusarvot ovat pahoin rämettyneet. Nyt on aika korjata tämä.

Career Design Lab -piirroskuva

Becoming a transcender

Self-transcendence is a question of the values you steer your life and career by.


Jos ihminen olisi kone

Jos ihminen olisi kone, sen kyky säädellä energiatasojaan tilanteen mukaan, korjata ja kehittää itseään näyttäytyisi hämmentävän taidokkaana

In cost-benefit analysis, the benefits of the assessed service are compared to the costs associated with the data production and distribution.

What is the value of earth observation data?

With socioeconomic impact assessment it is possible to specify and quantify the impact that earth observation data has on our society.

tree stems

A closer look at tree stems

Understanding the spectral behavior of bark might be surprisingly useful in remote sensing and other fields of research.

virtual computer lab

Virtual Labs for Deep Learning with Audio Course

A review of Azure Lab Services in teaching the "Deep Learning with Audio" course at Aalto

Aurélien Nioche

Creating the perfect teacher: How a cumbersome start with Japanese led to a better self-teaching app

Aurélien Nioche describes his recent work on a model that predicts learning outcomes days into the future

Penguins in front of SA Agulhas II

Kohti Etelämannerta

Aalto-yliopiston professori, jäätutkija Jukka Tuhkuri kertoo tutkimusmatkastaan Etelämantereelle.

Student's study setup with a book and takeaway coffee

How to set goals as a student? The 3-step framework

Areeb shares his tips on setting goals as a student. Spoiler: reflecting on your values, skills and resources might be helpful.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing Blue

Hurja itsemyötätunto käytännössä

Miksi itsemyötätunto on erityisen tärkeää yliopiston kaltaisissa yhteisöissä?

With new solution-based recycling processes, more raw materials can be recovered from batteries. In the picture, a red cobalt salt and a blue-green nickel salt have been obtained from a battery cell. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya / Aalto University.

Accelerating the global energy transition: Clean energy demands socially just policies

Policy, technology, and practice must be aligned to accomplish the shift to clean energy, say Aalto's experts.

Leigh Ewin

A glimpse of A Grid with Leigh Ewin

Leigh Ewin, jack-of-all-trades at A Grid, tells the story of the recently established startup community.

Two guys working together

4 Ways To Successfully Onboard Into A New Role post-graduation

Well, done! You have graduated, and landed a job. What are the next steps you can take to make your transition to the company smooth?

Aika stage at the Suomi Areena event in Pori in 2017.

Advancing climate actions in the places we live: Designing cities to store carbon 

Simple changes in urban planning can reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon storage, offering tools to help meet emissions targets.

Prototypes from the FlowerMatter project

Delivering the practical solutions needed to adapt to climate impacts – Bio-based materials could move us beyond plastic 

By processing lignin, cellulose, and other plant matter into new bio-materials, research is opening paths to sustainable alternatives.

Blog posts

Tero Ojanperä on stage at the AI Revolution seminar on 9 November.

Q&A from the AI Revolution: Implications to Business and Society

Answers to the Q&A at the seminar on AI Revolution. We used AI to organize them and then had the AI answer them.

bottom half of a speaker and audience

Taking People Management and Organisational Development Programme

Masters student Areeb talks about his experiences studying in a masters programme at Aalto

Crowd of Business students outside with balloons

Navigating Your Aalto Adventure: Tips for Starting Off Studies

Bachelor's student Amr gives tips on how how to kick off your studies at Aalto.

Evergreen Inner Jungle, 2021. Kuvaaja/Photo Shubhangi Sing.

Public defence in Visual Culture, MA Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen will defend the doctoral thesis "Encyclopedia of In-Betweenness. An Exploration of a Collective Artistic Research Practice".

Still image from The Wife of Them All (2022), animation film Dir. Rebecca Close (featuring intervened footage from Dark Ground Illumination

Public defence, MA Rebecca Close

Rebecca Close defends the doctoral thesis "Post-Internet Queer Reproductive Work and the Fixed Capital of Fertility.

Aalto Campus during winter

All you need to know about transportation in Finland!

Aalto student Areeb shares ten whimsical and wondrous ways to conquer the roads of Finland and Aalto.

Chenyu with friends on campus.

My Journey through Human-Computer Interaction

Chenyu reflects on her experience studying Human-Computer Interaction.

3 images from multi-stakeholder workshops showing sheets of paper with post-it notes and people presenting and discussing.

Professional Cultures as an Obstacle and an Enabler for Radical Transdisciplinary Creativity

Professional cultures are largely invisible but transdisciplinary work requires recognizing and addressing their effect.

Timo Viherkenttä

Onko yrityksen veroasioiden hoidon syytä olla läpinäkyvää?

Riittääkö, että yritys itse tietää, miten se hoitaa veroasiansa, vai tuleeko myös sidosryhmille antaa tietoa periaatteista ja menettelyistä?

Red bicycle outside of UFF second hand store window

Exploring Finland's Recycling Culture and the Moving Season

Aalto student Theodora explores the recycling culture in Finland

Timo Viherkenttä

Mitä hallitusohjelman vero-osioissa ei lue

Petteri Orpon hallitusohjelma on pitkä, mutta on myös asioita, joita sen vero-osioissa ei lue.



Excited to be announcing a new publication, launched as part of the Helsinki Biennial x ViCCA collaboration.



Yksilöllistä huolenpitoa massatuotannon tehokkuudella.

Kuvassa suuri valkoinen Aalto-yliopiston logo on punatiilisen kookkaan rakennuksen edessä portailla.

Puheenvuoroja – Opinions

Blogissa tutkijamme ottavat kantaa ajankohtaisiin aiheisiin.
In this blog, our researchers from bring new perspectives to current issues.

Penguins in front of SA Agulhas II

Kohti Etelämannerta

Aalto-yliopiston professori, jäätutkija Jukka Tuhkuri kertoo tutkimusmatkastaan Etelämantereelle.

Aalto University at Slush 2021

Aalto University, The Startup Springboard

Aalto's energetic entrepreneurial community is an eclectic mix of student-led buzz and the university's own innovation and startup hubs.

Researcher's tools

My Effect

Aalto University's researchers discuss the problems they are passionate about to solve with their work.

Professor Risto Ilmoniemi

The Art and Beauty of Getting it Right

Trying to understand the complex world from a small person’s limited perspective, aided by readers’ questions and those of my own, my dream.

Silicon wafers

Early Career Researcher Blog

Postgraduate staff and students tell us about their research areas and activities

Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit -podcastia isännöivät tutkija Eero Aalto ja professori Robin Gustafsson Aalto-yliopistosta yhdessä sarjayrittäjä William von der Pahlenin kanssa.

Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit

Tuleeko seuraava Google Suomesta? Voiko alustatyö olla reilua? Tervetuloa kuuntelemaan Alustatalouden faktat ja myytit -podcastia.

Student working at a lab

Lahjoita tulevaisuus - Give for the Future

Lahjoittamalla Aalto-yliopiston tutkimukseen ja opetukseen olet mukana rakentamassa kestävää tulevaisuutta.

Woman holding up an iPad in front of a large Aalto logo.

Our Blog on Blogging

Learn how to create your own blog and posts on Our blogs through easy instructions!


Human-Computer Interaction researcher network in Helsinki area

Launo Tuuri

Workstations & mobile devices. Miscellaneous selfhelp notes: so many sources, options and goodies to choose from!